Nivó Consulting Corp’s Services

New York City Backflow Testing, Installation, and Design Specialists

Have you been cited for a backflow violation? Are you simply seeking to ensure that you building or facility meets New York City’s backflow standards? Turn to Nivó Consulting Corp, New York City’s one-stop shop for your facility’s backflow needs. The company’s founder, David Isaacson, is a New York State Board Certified backflow tester (Cert. #9680) and has been in this industry for over two decades.

Additionally, the company also offers services in:

  • Backflow Testing: Verifying proper operation of your existing backflow devices and ensuring they are up to standards so that you meet the yearly requirement for testing.
  • Backflow Design: Designing a system to work with your facility while meeting state standards.
  • Backflow Prevention: Helping your business thrive while maintaining a clean public water supply.
  • Backflow Installation: Installing proper backflow devices so your facility functions safely & properly.
  • Booster Pumps: Improving the strength of water pressure by assisting existing water pump systems.
  • Water Meter Installation: Helping you submit the proper documentation and installing the right device for to meet your water meter requirements.

When you choose Nivó Consulting Corp, the company will provide the resources and tools to ensure that the backflow, pumping and engineering of your project is completed properly.

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