Backflow Testing in New York City

Backflow Testing in All Five Boroughs of New York

New York law requires that all backflow systems on certain properties receive testing from a trusted specialist once a year. If it is time for your property to receive testing on its backflow prevention device, contact Nivó Consulting Corp at (718) 200-4440!

You should turn to Nivó Backflow for your backflow test because:

  • David Isaacson is a New York State Board Certified Backflow Tester (#9680)
  • Nivó Consulting Corp returns your calls as quickly as possible!
  • The company provides rapid service to meet the requirements of the state

Information About Backflow Testing

Since backflow prevention devices are mechanical devices, they have the potential to fail. In order to ensure that the public water supply stays free of harmful chemicals and contaminants, certain properties are required to have backflow devices installed in their water systems. These devices must properly function in order for them to meet their purpose. Therefore, New York law also requires that the devices be inspected on a yearly basis and tested for any possible failures that may threaten public health. For more information on backflow testing in New York, contact Nivó Backflow at (718) 200-4440 today!