Booster Pumps

Our pump division has over 50 years of quality experience servicing the residential, commercial, and industrial pump industry. We have a team of experts always available to help maintain, repair, rebuild or replace your pumps and motors. We are so confident in our ability to repair and service pumps that we guarantee 100% satisfaction. We even offer free temporary sewage ejection pumps for emergencies: No Pressure, No Stress, No charge.

Booster pumps are machines that are designed to increase the pressure of water, or any other material being transported through them. For the purposes of a water system, booster pumps are beneficial anywhere that water pressure may be low or weak, such as properties that have installed backflow devices that may interrupt the water supply. Nivó Consulting Corp can help you find the right booster pump for your property, install it and provide you with access to regular maintenance.

Booster Pumps & New York City Backflow Prevention

New York requires that the plans for the backflow prevention device on your property also include your plans for booster pumps. When you submit your plans for approval, information on the booster pump system that will be used must be included, such as the following:

  • Plumbing floor plan
  • Description of the existing or proposed booster pump system
  • Whether the booster pump will require the Net Positive Suction Head
  • Whether the plan for the booster pump will provide adequate pressure to meet legal requirements

Preparing for and planning a booster pump system installation can be challenging and requires experienced assistance. Contact Nivó Consulting Corp at (718) 200-4440 to learn more!