Water Meter Installation in All Five Boroughs of NYC

Nivó Consulting Corp offers service in water meters installation and replacement services. The team works to ensure your needs are met promptly and that you’re provided with quality service that lasts. Nivó Consulting Corp is equipped to handle tasks of water metesr installation and maintenance so that your property fulfills legal requirements. New York has compiled a list of approved water meter equipment. Nivó Consulting Corp can make sure that you get this approved equipment on your property and that it is installed properly!

Why is water meter installation important?

Water meters serve to show how much water a property has used within the course of a month. New York City has recently implemented new requirements involving automated water meters in an attempt to achieve better billing accuracy. In general, there are a few different types of meters intended for different types of properties. Types of water meters that can be installed include:

  • Single-Jet Meters
  • Turbine Meters
  • Compound Meters
  • Electromagnetic Meters

To ensure that your water meter is installed correctly and is functioning properly, call Nivó Consulting Corp at (718) 200-4440 today for a free consultation! They look forward to hearing from you.