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Uh-Oh. I’ve Got a Notice of Violation….

Now, let’s say you’ve received a DEP order to install a backflow-prevention device, and the 30-day period they give you to do it in has almost expired. You can still avoid a Notice of Violation if you call Nivó Consulting. If you choose to retain our services, we will have one of our architects, engineers or licensed master plumbers certify to the DEP that your device is in the process of being drawn up or installed.

Who has to comply?

It’s mostly commercial properties and business that are required to install backflow preventers. But various types of residential buildings must do so also. See below for a short list of just some of the types of properties that have to comply. Call Nivó Consulting now for the full list.

Does my business or building even need a backflow prevention device?

Maybe. Not all properties need backflow prevention devices. Call Nivó Consulting now at (718) 200-4440 for a full list of properties that do. Call for more information without any cost or obligation.

Does the DEP offer any exemptions?

Exemptions are available. They have to be filed by one of our engineers, architects or licensed master plumbers. We will send a letter stating that all necessary exemption conditions have been met.

What if my property doesn’t have a backflow device installed?

If your property doesn’t have these installed and you fall under the category that requires them to, backflow could turn into cash flow – from your pocket to the city’s bank account. Not good.

How do you know if I am required by law to install a backflow preventer?

Nivó Consulting will perform a free, no-cost, no-obligation onsite property inspection in order to determine if you fall under the DEP’s category of properties that are required to install a backflow device or if we can get you an exemption.

So, what can I do?

Call Nivó Consulting at (718) 200-4440 for your free, no-cost, no-obligation onsite property inspection.

Who do I hire?

If it turns out your property does require a backflow device, the design will require the services of one of our Engineers or Architects. A Licensed Master Plumber will perform the installation. Plus, the device will have to be tested initially and annually by one of our Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers.

Now that I know that I must install a backflow preventer, who do I call?

To begin the process, call Nivó Consulting. If you choose to retain our services, we will coordinate the design with one of our Professional Engineers (PE) or Registered Architects (RA). They will prepare two sets of backflow prevention plans for your property. These will be submitted with two application forms to the DEP’s Cross Connection Control Unit for approval. Once approved, the DEP will notify you and us via mail and return a copy of the plans to one of our PE or RA.

We will then coordinate with you and with one of our Licensed Master Plumbers (LMP) to install your new backflow device in accordance with the DEP approved plans. The installation must also comply with the NYC Department of Building (DOB) regulations and requirements.

Once installed, one of our New York State Certified Backflow Prevention Device Testers will test the device. Once testing is completed, a test report will be filed immediately with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

One of the many advantages of choosing Nivó Consulting is that you won’t have to be bounced from one person to the next. As a client, you are very important to us. From the very moment you decide to move forward to the very last sign-off, you will be assigned to just one of our expert consultants. He or she will be available to answer any questions you might have and to keep you updated every step of the way. These are the reasons why our customers come back to us again and again and to refer us to their friends. We know that the best compliment is a referral.

Annual Testing:

Your backflow prevention device must be properly maintained and will be subject to annual testing and inspection by a certified tester. This is nothing to stress about. Nivó Consulting will take care of this for you and we will even remind you when it’s time to have your backflow device tested each year. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

How much does it cost? You don’t want your Backflow Preventer to turn into a “Cash-flow Preventer”.

Prices can vary between different types of commercial properties, between different types of business establishments or the size of residential building you own. Prices are also based on the number of devices per building, the size of each device and which particular device the DEP requires for your specific property. For a more information or for any other questions you might have, call Nivó Consulting now at (718) 200-4440. If you wish, we can get you scheduled for a no-cost, no-obligation onsite building inspection. Afterwards, we will offer you a free consultation which will help you make a stress-free decision as to what you would like to do next.

What happens if I don’t comply?

Failure to comply can lead to fines of up to $2,000. If you ignore the fines, the City could shut off your water supply. Ouch!

What if I already have a device installed and the DEP doesn’t know about it?

If, for some reason, the DEP doesn’t have any record of your existing backflow preventer — hey, it happens — don’t panic. Nivó Consulting will have one of our engineers or architects send a record drawing of your device with an initial test report to the DEP for review.

What property types must install Backflow Prevention Devices?

Unless Nivó Consulting can receive an exemption on your behalf from DEP for your property, here is a short list of just some of the types of buildings and businesses that are required to use backflow preventers:

  • Large Residential Dwellings with Treated Water Boilers
  • Premises with Multiple Water Service Lines
  • Premises with Roof Tanks and Elevated Storage Lines
  • Medical and Dental Offices
  • Hospitals, Clinics and Laboratories (Including Veterinary Hospitals)
  • Barber Shops and Beauty Salons
  • Laundries and Dry Cleaners
  • Bakeries, Food Processing Facilities, and Meat or Fish Packers
  • Auto Repair Shops
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Nursing Homes
  • Commercial Car Washes
  • and more…

But I don’t see my type of property on this list.

Call Nivó Consulting now at (718) 200-4440 and we will, at no-cost and no-obligation, discuss the type of property you have. In many cases, a quick 5-minute phone call is all it takes to get your questions answered and your concerns addressed. It’s our job to give you one less thing to worry about.

What do we do at Nivó Consulting?

Coordinating between government and city agencies like the Department of Buildings (DOB) and the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), hiring a Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA) to have plans drawn and approved, having a Licensed Master Plumber (LMP) install your backflow device, and an Expeditor who can help move your paperwork along through all the agencies, having your device inspected, maintained, performing an initial test and let’s not forget a follow-up test each year can be quite complicated. We know how busy your life can be. Your schedule is already packed and your “To Do List” is bursting at the seams. It’s our job to solve your backflow problems. Can you just imagine how difficult it would be if you had to take time out from your busy schedule to continuously contact each agency and individual? This can be quite frustrating and difficult. We at Nivó Consulting understand that. With over 25 years of experience in the plumbing industry and our qualified engineers, designers, plumbers, expeditors and certified backflow testers who are ready to answer any of your questions or address your concerns, why wouldn’t you call and let us make backflow one less thing to worry about?

Further Questions?

Call Nivó Consulting at (718) 200-4440 if you have any questions about DEP’s Cross Connection Control Program or anything else we may have forgotten to mention.